Mission Statement

DNA & Beyond, Inc. is a DNA-focused product development center and a centralized web-based marketplace for educators and science enthusiasts. We offer a selection of the finest models, specimens, educational systems, media, and other resources for learning about DNA, the genome, the epigenome (DNA's mysterious "director"), and the broader world of scientific research into the beauties and wonders of our universe.

  1. Our prime focus of products and services is on learning about DNA: life's master-code which is the molecule of heredity of all living things, including tiny microbes, plants, and animals. We bring a special focus to the human genome, and our offerings go beyond the DNA/genome focus, and include RNA, proteins, and larger multi-protein systems and machines that operate within cells.

  2. Our second focus is on the exploding science of epigenetics-studying the cell's intricate "above-the-genome" control system that directs the expression of DNA.

  3. Our third and broader focus is on new developments and discoveries in other scientific fields, such as paleontology, geology, astronomy and cosmology.

Our mission is to advance the understanding and appreciation of the physical sciences, and of the world of genetics and molecular biology in particular. To do this we’ve established a center on the web for accessing carefully selected educational tools, models, and other materials and services, including digital media, guest speakers, and web-accessed scientific reports and debates.