International DNA Day Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Monday, April 25th – “International DNA Day” –celebrates the day in 1953 when DNA’s spiral-ladder structure was revealed to the world by James Watson and Francis Crick in their bombshell article in the elite science journal Nature and DNA and Beyond is staging month-long celebration. It begins April 25th with the unveiling of a new plastic DNA model which mimics the latest discoveries in the genetic control system.  These findings come under the name of “epigenetics,” which has become a super-hot new field in biology and health. This field is one of many DNA topics covered in the website, which went live on April 25th.

The “DNA and Beyond” teaching group, focused on education of DNA and health, highlights recent research on the mysterious epigenetic system of chemical markers, comprised of millions of chemical flags and tags that have been discovered “above” or “on top of” the DNA code.  This area is not only one of the hottest fields in biology; it is dynamically related to health factors such as diet, exercise and stress management.

DNA and Beyond has introduced a new “dynamic DNA” model, produced by Florida Custom Mold of Tampa Bay. The hope is that this teaching tool will help educators demonstrate not only how DNA’s four-letter code operates, but also how transcription occurs, and how genes are switched on and off through “methyl-tagging.”  To enhance the learning experience, a series of three learning songs have been composed, teaching the structure and function of DNA, RNA and protein chains.

DNA Day is also the kickoff day for a series of short videos, some of which feature CGI action clips of the “dance” of DNA, all available for free streaming at

The new “Dynamic DNA Model,” a sturdy, twistable model with 21 rungs, can zip open and then close magnetically.  It employs a 7-color memory system.    

“DNA and the Good Life” seminars are being kicked off in late May starting in universities in Norway and Denmark.  Prototype seminars were recently at Stanford University and at Dartmouth College. The seminar delves into major secrets of DNA—especially  its elegant architecture, its sophisticated control system, and how it is connected to fitness.